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The Objectives of the Society are focused on helping the poor of this world with whatever needs they have because we are motivated by Christ to do so. Specifically defined Objectives can be summarized as:
  1. Construct facilities, in whole or in part, for individual or group housing, community activities, and sanitary conditions for human habitation and quality of life.
  2. Operate community benefiting facilities that were constructed or acquired by or through the For We Care society.
  3. Furthering the education of the poor in order to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient, including those who are developmentally handicapped.
  4. Training and motivating volunteers to give of their time, skills and resources to participate in the Objectives of the For We Care society and to have them encourage others to do likewise.
  5. Subsidising the compensation paid to pastors and community workers in third-world countries in order to provide them with a minimum quality of life, allowing them to serve effectively.
  6. Empowering other interested groups, including charitable organizations such as churches, to get involved in the social aspects of their outreach ministries by allowing them to participate in For We Care’s projects and/or have For We Care mentor them to become qualified and self-sufficient in their activities that are subject to CRA regulations.

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