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Bringing the Good News about Jesus to the Fulbe People

The “New Dawn Initiative”, a new Project adopted by For We Care (FWC), seeks to promote the kingdom of God among the Fulbe, by partnering with Fulbe believers in-the areas of evangelism, education and community development in Cameroon but primarily in Nigeria. The initial connection with the Fulbe people was made in the time that NAB had active missionaries in Nigeria.
With a population of some 38 million, found in 17 different West African countries, the predominantly Muslim Fulbe are possibly the largest unreached, semi-nomadic people group in the world.
The outreach to the Fulbe people became a focal point for a number of NAB (North American Baptist) members who created a focus group under the name of Friends of the Fulbe Society with Bernie Lemke, one of FWC’s Directors, as its chairperson. Under their encouragement, the “Nyalaande Hesre New Dawn Initiative” was incorporated in Nigeria by our Fulbe partners to facilitate the work they do, both with and without foreign assistance. This group of faithful Fulbe leaders has persisted in reaching out to their own people for over 20 years, in spite of many difficulties and persecution.

Jeffrey and Sonya Kilmartin
To facilitate our legal requirements in adopting this Project, FWC has entered into an Agency Agreement with the Nyalaande Hesre New Dawn Initiative. To facilitate the effective supervision of this Project, Jeffrey and Sonya Kilmartin, NAB Missionaries in Cameroon and Members of FWC, have agreed to be FWC’s Ground Team.
Please support this very worthy Project with your donations.

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