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Canada - Operation: THRIVE

The For We Care Outreach Network Society, in cooperation with Norum Psychological Services, created the “Operation: THRIVE” program in order to provide financial support to individuals who are struggling with mental health concerns, general life issues, and learning challenges. The Norum group uses evidence based therapeutic approaches for counselling that promotes healing of emotional wounds (i.e. the psychosocial causes) rather than simply managing mental health symptoms (e.g. negative thinking) and gold standard practices for assessments. Their goal is to provide healing, understanding and knowledge to individuals in order for them to thrive.
The needs are significant and we know that it will take community effort to realize the goals; therefore, we are asking people to join with us in this endeavour. Be a vessel of change by donating to the “Operation: THRIVE” fund. Go to “Support Us” > “Donate” or click on this link to donate. http://www.forwecare.org/Donations.aspx. You will receive an income tax receipt for your donation.
Please note, donations must be designated to the “Operation: THRIVE” fund only and must not, in any way, indicate the name of a potential recipient.

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